Sunday, 29 April 2012

Egg Cozy´s

These eggs  cozy´s are  pretty and will keep your eggs warm.
You can buy just the bunny outfit that covers the egg or the basket leaving only the top of the egg in sight or range (rabbit with a basket that will make the feet of this).

You can also use these beautiful bunnies as toys or simply as an ornament on your dinner table.

For prices of these items just send me an email with the desired amount and for which the sending country.
I also do other designs.
Thanks for your visit  artetalent and good shopping.

Yellow Basket Egg Cozy
Made in cotton yarn
Purple Egg Cozy Bunny
Made with cotton yarn and silk
Blue Egg Cozy
Made with cotton yarn
Brown Bunny Cozy Egg
Made with cotton yarn and silk

                                                                   Purple Basket Egg Cozy
                                                                   Made with cotton yarn

    Thanks and come back soon

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Claudiana (25/11/2010) said...

Boa tarde, tudo bem?
Passei para te desejar uma ótima semana, bjs