Saturday, 28 July 2012

Scarf/Necklace/Headband and Bracelet Set

Beautiful Set Of Scarf and Bracelet made in crochet 

You can use as Scarf,as a Belt and as a Necklace .A fashion addition to your outfit or to give a present to someone you care.
You can purchase the set or separately pieces.
Size of Pansy Scarf:56 inches long with 5 different tips of Pansy´s Flower
Size of Bracelet :apprx 7 inches.
You can buy here e.mail to me requesting this item with your favorite colors or order from this link.

                                                        Client wearing her new accessory
                                                          And She have wearing a brooch/Pin flower from Artetalent as well :)
                                                       Thank you Lauren for your preference

                                                                     Back of Bracelet

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  Thank You

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