Saturday, 15 September 2012

Gift,Keyring,key charm,Vilhoas

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This lovely mini Human Been are used as a keyring(to hold all your keys together),key charm, as a embellishment, as a Brooches /Pin lady ,Party Favor,Weddings,Baby shower or as a gift for someone you care .
They are in 2 main styles you can choose when you order(crochet or felt)and they are hand stitch.I will shipping your order on a organza gift bag and tag on First Class Mail 
They are made following the traditional outfit from Madeira Island ,Portugal and the history say´s they bring fortune and positive energy for those who use them.
You can order as many as you need and on style of your preference.

For orders:*send me a email with your request and details and i will send you a invoice

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                                                                      Crochet Vilhoa
Back of Crochet Vilhoa

Size:2,5 inches H.

                                                     Couple Vilhões has 2 inches H.
                                             For those who prefer Bigger in felt with Metal Ring
                                                      Boy with hat in crochet has 2 inches H
                                                              Boy in Felt 2 inches
                                                              Boy in Felt with metal ring
                                 To order use this references "on notes to seller" when you check out
                                     Here are the references for the small ones(couples and singles)

                                                             Here are all family together
                                                              Are they cute?
                                     Here are the references for the big ones (couples and singles)
Any inquiries just contact me.
I´m happy to sell worldwide 
I´m happy to supply you.

Thank you for your preference

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