Thursday, 30 August 2012


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Today I will talk to you a bit of a traditional technique of making RUGS so unique and beautiful  where only few craftsmen today have a goal on it.
The Arraiolos Rug.
The needlework rugs are challenge to the researcher of historical textiles.
Used as wall hangings or floor coverings,on bedroom,bathroom,dinner room or siting room and on pillows they are often overlooked in discussions of carpets and tapestries.
Named for the town in central Portugal where the technique has remained popular of Portugal,born early as the 13th century.
Handwork needle rugs are found in the paintings of Holbein,famous for his Tudor era Portraiture.
Elizabeth I had a table-carpet of Arraiolos in the late 1500.

Here are some ideas to use Arraiolos.
For orders or further information please send me an email.
I hope your curiosity has been sharpened with this wonderful technique where at other times only the Cleric and the Kings enjoyed .

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